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October 2019

Dekaron OBT Events

Player Events

Event 1: Double, Double: Blood, Gore, and Trouble

Damnation. Destruction. Death. DOUBLED! 2x Exp Rate + 2x Drop Rate = Pure Dekaron Power Play! From September 3 to September 23, raise your characters in half the time with twice the EXP Rate EVERYDAY! And with 2x the Drop Rate too, you’ll be rolling in Dil in no time!

Event 2: Break 50, and Get The Chance to Win

Get a chance to win pieces of a LEGENDARY SET for each character that breaks Lvl. 50! Raise your characters to Lvl. 50 and beyond, and you automatically qualify for the raffle. We’ll be giving away Legendary Items and Super Noble Potion bundles! 30 lucky winners will be selected!

Remember: In Dekaron, lives begin at 50… and end soon for the weak!

Event 3: The Gathering of Storms

Win THOUSANDS OF ePoints instantly!
Create a Dekaron community site or SNS profile and you’ll be rewarded handsomely with ePoints and in-game medials!

Interested players must submit the following to qualify:

* mobiusgames username
* valid e-mail address
* website/blog/sns url

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

* Network strength (for SNS profiles)
* Creativity (Look & Functionality)
* Content

Rewards to be given are:

1st: 2,000 ePoints and 4x +21 medials in-game
2nd and 3rd: 1,000 ePoints and 4x +18 medials in-game
4th to 10th: 500 ePoints and 4x +18 medials in-game


Guild Events

Event 1: Convoking the Emblems

Immortality is yours for the taking!

Design a guild emblem, and submit it to mobiusgames. Ten of the best designs will be chosen as official Dekaron guild emblems. Each guild can submit up to 2 emblems only.

Emblems should be submitted in the following format:

Size: 40×40 pixels
Format: .Jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp

Guildmasters should send the following information to qualify:

* Name of Server
* Guild name
* Guild master’s username

All guild emblem submissions will not be returned, and will remain as properties of mobiusgames. Selected guild emblems will be available for all Dekaron guilds to choose from in the future.

Join now, and make your mark in history.

Event 2: Build a Guild: SPEED

MILLIONS OF Dils are at stake!

Race to build a guild, and get up to 6,000,000 Dil when you come in first! The first 10 guilds to be created automatically wins!

To qualify, guilds must have:

* 30 members
* Minimum level requirement for each member is 30


1st to 2nd fastest: 1x Guild of Glory – Purple Star and 6,000,000 DIL
3rd to 5th fastest: 4,000,000 DIL
6th to 10th fastest: 2,000,000 DIL

Event 3: Build a Guild: CHARISMA

Submit a screenshot of your guild with a short write-up, and win in-game item “1x Guild of Glory – Kamit”!!!

Only guilds with 30 or more members can join. Guild screenshots will be judged based on the following criteria:

* Creativity
* Overall impact
* Write-up content

Hurry, only 5 winning guilds will be selected!!!

Event 4: Build a Guild: Fortitude

Guilds with the highest sums of their member levels win awesome prizes!

To qualify, your guild must have a sum total of member levels over 300. You must provide the following:

* Name of server
* Guild name
* Guildmaster’s User ID

3 winning guilds will be selected and will win in-game item “1x Guild of Glory – Snake” each, and EACH MEMBER OF THE WINNING GUILDS will get to take home the following:

* Super Noble Health Potions bundle
* Super Noble Mana Potions bundle

Remember, the road to glory is paved with the bloody remains of the fallen. Weed the weak ones dragging you down.

Too many events guys!. So what are you waiting for?. Maghanda na bukas!

Katropa Konekt!

LU!’s Webcomics

If you are a CBT Crazy Kart player, I’ve bet you’ve know KendingKamias. And he also Contributes to the Level up! webcomics. And In my sidebar you can see a picture with kendingkamias written on it. And if you watch my video on the sidebar (vodpod) He is one of the players in that video hehe. As I told you a while ago he contributes to LU!’s Webcomics. And His last webcomic is the Cheese Burger Kart. His webcomics is sooooooo funny it will make you fall on your chair right now when read it lol. Anyway you can visit his blog at


Recently Mobius released GONG! and after that they release Dekaron. Dekaron is a free to play MMORPG game. Well if you are a regular reader of my blog or the Katropa! Konekt Blog. You’ve should have seen some screenies and videos of Dekaron.If you ask me, Why Do I love Dekaron?. Well If you already played this game, you can notice that the game has a great environment. The grass are moving, The NPCs looks good and the environment matches the monsters. And when you log in in this game, there will be a notice saying that “For 17 Years Old and Above Only. Minors Cannot Play This Game”. Why is it for adults only?, Why is it only for 17 and above? Why not for minors? because the game is full of blood,destruction and gore. And I also love the skills, Once you attack a monster all you see is blood RAWR!. Its graphics is not that great like RF online, but graphics is still good.  In RF online you really need a computer with high specs to attend CW. Now, What do I hate in Dekaron. Only one thing, LAG!, Well I hope they can fix the problem soon. Anyway Dekaron is on OBT right now. To know more about Dekaron visit their Site.