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What is the username and password for is an Internet Protocol (IP) address which is commonly used by Linksys, a company of Cisco. Linksys deals in broadband routers which are used all around the world and it uses this as a default gateway to configure its routers. Although this IP address is not exclusive to Linksys but other router companies mostly use different addresses while configuring their network. You can easily configure your router by entering in your browser address bar. A page will appear asking you to create a new username and password for the future. If something else than this page appears, check if your router is on or not.

Use of IP address?

One of the most common addresses for routers by different manufacturers is the IP address This can be helpful through various tasks. It can also help you with administrative tasks aside from managing the settings.

What IP address- can do?

After you open the website,, you can have permission to the router, then you can change various things from the settings like ADSL username, DNS connections, password, and different settings that has relation to the Wi-Fi, RIP, and other features which exist on your router. This can also help you to do some of the administrative tasks like trouble shooting.. The IP address can also be used to server, in order to reboot the router.

A Ping Command

A ping command is one of the most basic of network communication tools. It is designed to send data over a network of networks. In fact, it is not an actual communication technique but is merely a confirmation of a connection to a network that was initiated with the use of a ping command. There are many types of pings. They include ICMP-based ping, ICMPv6-based ping, and BIND-based ping.

Why is not opening

An ICMP-based ping is used to confirm the connection to the network from the source computer, using a unique packet of information that has the IP address of the computer. There is no other method in using ICMP-based pings to send them by email. The advantage of ICMP-based pings is that the receiver will receive the data without making use of an external software or server to do it for him.

An ICMPv6-based ping, on the other hand, is a form of pinging that requires an Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) address to operate. This makes it more compatible with various applications. It is considered to be an advanced version of an ICMP-based ping. Binder-based pings are used for connecting to various networks over a long period. It is not a direct means of communication but acts as a signal between two networks. In this case, the receiver must have an Internet service provider or an IP-based router in order to send a valid packet.

What to Do if You Forget the Username & Password

It is very common to forget the username and password of your wireless device. I know this is a very irritating situation for you. So we will advise that you reset the router first.

Now what you can do is take a toothpick or pin and put it in the whole of your router/modems “Reset Button.” Hold the toothpick there for 15-20 seconds to complete the reset process.

At this point, you can access the admin panel by logging in with the default username and password.

An advantage you would want to know

The main advantage of Binder-based pings is the simple fact that it is less complicated. Since there is no need for installation or networking hardware, it can easily be operated on a computer with just an Internet connection. On the other hand, an ICMPv6-based ping requires a router or an IP-based router in order to function. Remember, In order to access your JioFi (jiofi.local.html) admin page, you will need to type in jiofi.local.html or on your browser’s address bar. Once you gain access to your router admin panel you can adjust its Settings.

This will involve several options regarding password, WiFi Network name, IP QoS, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, network management, security options, WLAN settings, PPPoE, MAC, WPS, DSL, and DHCP client.

There are a lot of web-based software in the market that allows people to control the process of sending pings. Some of these software packages are even designed to simplify the operation of pinging. They are designed to be as user-friendly as possible to facilitate people who are not very technologically savvy. This way, they are able to control the operation of their pings without making use of any technical skills. Also while you are at it, you might also like another article about admin login.


Pinging is an essential part of Internet communication. It is often used to verify the integrity of websites or systems, to detect viruses and worms, to perform network testing, and to monitor the performance of certain servers or applications. However, ping testing can also be used for malicious purposes, such as for malicious intent.

For example, an internet hacker might use the power of the Internet protocol to perform a series of spoofing ping tests in order to determine the integrity of a network or an individual’s computer. Because of this, it is very important to ensure that you are receiving only legitimate ICMPv6-based pings that are allowed to pass through.

How to Install Kodi for Android


If you are wondering how to install kodi for android then this article is here to help. You need to know the basics before trying it on your own. After that, you’ll be able to get the most out of this awesome software.

What is Kodi anyway? Kodi stands for the term “Kodi” is the Indian word for “media player”. The name came from a term that the creators wanted for their software but couldn’t find. The term was something that the community was constantly trying to invent.

This is the way to get started with the way to install Kodi. First, you need to find the software. Once you do that you will want to download the software onto your Andriod. It’s simple and the process is pretty easy. I’m going to show you how to do that.

Now that you have downloaded and installed the software, you will want to start Kodi up. You will notice that it has a green light on it. If you don’t see a green light, you need to turn your phone off and on again.

How to Install Kodi for Android

Typically, you can download Kodi for Android from the Play Store. But if in case that you do not have access to the Google Play Store, you can do this simple guide to help you get the Kodi APK and install it directly to your Android device. Or via kodi.

This will require that you access your internal settings, so you will need to follow the step-by-step guide carefully. If you are ready, here is how the process goes.

  1. First is to download the Kodi for Android version.
  2. Let the download finish for a few minutes depending on your internet speed or if you use a VPN app.
  3. Now go to the Download folder of your Android device. Look for the kodi apk and tap on it to launch the installer.
  4. You will get an error that says you cannot install the APK because it is not from a trusted source. To be able to install the APK file, you should change the “Settings” restriction.
  5. Tap on your home button and minimize the Download folder for now.
  6. On your Android device, go to the “Settings” area.
  7. Scroll down until you see the “Security” tab. Tap on it to open and see the menu.
  8. Find the “Unknown Sources” tab and activate or enable it
  9. Now go back to the Download folder and launch the Kodi APK installer.
  10. This time, you will not get an error message. Instead, you will get an installation prompt to confirm the installation. Just follow the screen and tap on “Yes” when required.
  11. Lastly, when the installation finishes, tap on the “Open” button to launch the Kodi for Android.
  12. That’s it. You can now put all your multimedia content on your Kodi app and play it anytime and anywhere.

Read On To Know More

Kodi was designed as an alternative to other media players like Windows Media Player and QuickTime Player. Unlike Windows Media Player, which is designed to run on a PC, Kodi works best on a TV. Because of this reason, users can use their computer to surf the Internet or watch streaming videos while watching their favorite TV shows. This allows them to stay connected with their friends and family even while they’re at work, watching the TV in the same room.

What Can Kodi Do?

One of the first features that you might notice when using Kodi is its ability to read different types of media files. For example, if you download music from the Internet, Kodi will be able to read the file so you can play it back. The programs will be compatible with any type of media files, including videos, music, podcasts, movies, and television shows. For the most part, there are no compatibility issues, and you can just find what you need.

Another advantage of using Kodi for computers is that it can work in a variety of environments. For example, you can use the software on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, even with different types of hardware.

To access this feature, you will have to download the latest version of Kodi and install it. After that, it will scan your computer for media files. After it finds the files, it will then allow you to play them back. Since Kodi runs on a different operating system, some of the files will be inaccessible to Windows users and others won’t be accessible to Linux users. If you have a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, you can simply download and run Kodi from its official website.

How to access to northshoreconnect?


Northshoreconnecting is an exciting new program which provides high quality medical care to a larger number of Northshore residents. Patients who have Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance are provided with the ability to be seen in a comfortable environment where they will not be under the close eye of a medical professional or in the midst of many unfamiliar faces. The program can offer both in-clinic and out-of-clinic care. This means that those with private insurance will have access to a number of different doctors that they will feel comfortable with and be comfortable with seeing, which is important to patients who are looking for a more personal doctor.

Features of northshoreconnect

While the main focus of the program is to provide medical care to those in need, there is also a need to work with physicians in the community. This means that if you are looking to see a dermatologist for a specific problem, you may want to consider visiting an office in the neighborhood that specializes in providing this type of service. If you are looking for a general dentist, there are many clinics available that offer a range of services.

In addition to the medical care being provided by Northshoreconnecting, there are also a number of other benefits available to patients. For instance, the program offers free dental care for residents who choose to have regular cleanings. There are also a number of financial and social support resources that are offered by the program. These include help with rent, financial counseling, information about employment and job placement, help with transportation, food and health care programs.

As new programs come online, many people wonder whether they will be able to find doctors within the network. While there is no central database to make sure that every physician is included in the program, many doctors choose to participate so that they can offer their services to others in the community. Of course, this means that you should always check with your primary care provider. However, if you are able to find a physician within the network, they will have access to information that is helpful for patients in your local area.

This network of health care providers includes both doctors and dentists in the area as well as other specialists such as eye doctors, podiatrists and chiropractors. These specialists can all be found on the website. If you are interested in seeing one of these professionals, you will have access to all of the information you need to get a good idea about the practitioners that you wish to work with.

If you are looking for a local dentist, it is also easy to find a dentist in Northshoreconnecting through the website. By going to the dentist’s page, you will be able to see what other dentists in the area have to offer as well as any recent news regarding new developments or special promotions.

While you should contact your primary care provider to find out more information about the program, you should also use the site to find out about other benefits that you can take advantage of through the program. While you can obtain information about this program by phone, many of the websites are also user-friendly, making them easy to use. You can know how to signup via northshoreconnect account.

Gaining access to the northshoreconnect:

If you are new to the website of NorthShore University HealthSystem and would like to gain access to the northshoreconnect then you can follow a number of ways. 

  • The easiest way would be to connect to the app through the online signup process that the website offers.
  • However, if you find trouble to complete the online registration, you can ask your physician about getting you an access code or ask the care team assigned to you to set up your account on your visit to the facility.

What type of consent forms do I need?

All patients should fill out the consent forms in order to allow Northshoreconnect to provide their website links. There are three types of consent forms that patients should fill out:

If the patient is requesting a specific treatment for their condition, they should request one or more of the three forms above, in addition to their actual consent form. Once a patient fills out one of the forms above, they are automatically registered and the form will be sent to their primary care doctor or physician for follow up.

After receiving the consent form, the primary care physician will make an appointment with the patient to discuss the treatment options. If a treatment option is deemed to be the best for the patient, the physician will provide the patient with the consent form again and they can choose to either accept the treatment or not. It is also possible for patients to decline a particular treatment, but it is important for them to read the consent form before doing so.

Patients should always read all the information that is given to them before they agree to any type of treatment. They should be very clear about what they are agreeing to and what it is that they are agreeing to. It is important for patients to know exactly what they are agreeing to before signing on the dotted line.

If you have questions about the website links, you should contact a patient representative on the Northshoreconnect website in order to have your concerns addressed. Your representatives should have answers for any questions that you have, as well as any concerns that you may have.

Can I get medication or devices from NorthshoreConnect? NorthshoreConnect does not sell any medication or devices. through their website. Therefore, if you are in the process of seeking medication or device information, you will need to check with your primary care physician first, as they may be able to provide this information to you.

However, if you have a doctor’s office that you frequent on a regular basis, you will likely find that they have a listing of local pharmacies that offer such products. If you have such a pharmacy in your area, there are chances that they will have the information that you are looking for.

Why do I need to register for NorthshoreConnect?

As mentioned above, NorthshoreConnect does not sell any medication or device through its website. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a medication or device, you will have to search through the list of participating pharmacies or physicians in your area. If your search comes up empty, then you will need to contact your primary care physician or primary care provider directly for such information.

Why do I need to do this only for financial hardship?

Because if you are trying to purchase medication or device information because of medical reasons, you will want to ensure that you have a good reason for doing so. This could be because you just can’t afford to pay for your medication or device on time or because you have been unable to obtain coverage through your insurance company. or if you have been turned down by your employer because of preexisting medical conditions.

How do I get information on payment plans and programs?

For people with a health problem that makes their ability to pay for medications and devices impossible, you will need to have a discussion with your primary care physician. If they are not able to assist you, then you will need to contact a payment plan specialist. Once you have obtained the proper plan information, you can determine if you can afford the monthly payments that will be made.

When can I expect to receive my medical emergency?

NorthshoreConnect will not be held liable if a medical emergency is not taken care of at the right time. You should make sure that you are receiving timely medical attention, and you should not wait until a medical emergency occurs.


If you are looking for quality medical care, you should consider taking advantage of the services offered through the program. Whether you have a medical problem or are just looking to see a dentist, Northshoreconnecting is a great resource for those who need medical attention in a relaxed setting. If you are interested in finding a dentist in the Tampa area, you may want to explore the program further. This program gives people a chance to see the best care at a very affordable price.

Best Webinar Softwares you should know

Webinar Software has become the most popular method of hosting webinars these days. The three basic use cases for this software are internally communications (many to many), sales lead generation, and online training. In addition, the webinar can also be recorded, and this can then be shared later for use in newsletters, email campaigns, and many other ways. So what exactly is webinar software?

Webinars are basically presentations that you view on your computer or mobile device. It uses your computer screen as a projector, and typically all the speakers do is talk through their slides and sometimes talk on microphones. You see them when you log onto your business network from your laptop or your Blackberry. They can also be seen by viewers at other people’s websites, who might be looking for a certain product or service. Webinars generally run for between 10 minutes and an hour. There are different kinds of webinars available, such as video webinars and slide presentations.

One of the many things that makes webinar software so effective is that it is very cheap. This means that you can host your webinars for a small monthly fee. If you’re not able to pay the monthly fee for the webinars, there are several options where you can sell the webinars or even host them for free. Read on to see best webinar platforms of 2020.

Best Webinar Software Of 2020

Check out this webinar software list below:

1. WebinarJam

WebinarJam has a high-quality webinar hosting platform designed for digital marketers and small businesses. The basic package allows up to 500 participants and 2 hours webinar session.

2. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is built for modern digital marketers who are convinced with total automation. It provides powerful webinar features combined with smart automation capabilities that free you completely without affecting your user experience. You can also learn more about webinars via on webinar care.


LiveStream is an enterprise webinar and video solution recently acquired by the video streaming company Vimeo. With its prominent features like Unlimited viewers, unlimited storage, and automatic video recordings on the cloud.


WebinarsOnAir is a cost-efficient yet powerful webinar platform that contains several unique features. For example, it has the functionality to redirect your webinar visitors to your website forcefully.


Dacast is the latest live video streaming platform that delivers useful webinars as well. With Dacast, You can stream your live videos to unlimited viewers across different platforms like Facebook and YouTube.


Zoom is a popular video conferencing solution that also has powerful webinar capabilities. You can use it for hosting live and automated webinars in HD quality.

Adobe Connect

Adobe is a big name in the tech industry. Its webinar solution is among the best platforms in the market.logo.


If you are looking for an affordable but advanced webinar option, ClickMeeting is just right for you. It is best for small businesses and individual marketers.


LiveStorm is one of the most powerful webinar platforms that allows you to host on-demand, live, and automated webinar sessions. With the best participant engagement features, that assures maximum participation and hooks your audience on entire content

10. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the excellent marketing automation and email marketing platforms in the market. It also has a more than a handy built-in webinar platform that offers one-click recordings, screen sharing, multimedia sharing, email integration, payment integration, and several other features.

Hosting Webinars

When you host webinars, you can put some kind of value on them. For example, if you make a money making product out of the webinar, you can give it away during the webinar. This way, you can actually get people interested in the product and have them keep watching the webinar to learn more about it. Or, you can make a small profit off the webinar but still make a ton of money if you are able to sell the webinar to someone else.

If you are hosting the webinar on your own website, you can give the webinar away, or you can charge people a small fee to attend the webinar and download the information that you want. This way, you can even sell the information to someone else or earn a percentage off of each sale. For example, if the person that is listening to the webinar likes a certain product, they can buy that product for the price that you charged for the webinar.

Webinar software works great with some online training tools, such as video hosting sites. When people want to go to the training website to learn more about the product or service that you have to offer, you can add your webinars to their video so that they can watch them on their computer screen. After they have finished the training, you can send them a message to let them know that they can view your webinar. This way, they can get involved in the training process and continue to learn new things about your product, or can even help market the product for you.

When you have an online training program, you will need to make sure that you keep it updated and current with new information. The reason for this is because people are constantly learning new ways to do things and new products and services. Keeping up with them is important so that you can keep up with the market. Webinars can help keep you current, which means that your online business will be growing as well.


Webinars have been proven to work as long as they are being hosted properly, and offered through the proper webinar hosting sites. They are a highly effective way to grow your online business. There is no other way for you to really increase your sales than through these types of tools, so take the time to find out what is available and how you can utilize these tools.

How Important Is Trading Training? – Arcor Registration

Arcor Registration

One of the many benefits of owning an Arcor registration, is that you will have full access to all of their resources and training. These training modules are a perfect way for new buyers or those who are just starting to learn about Forex trading. They are also great if you are already at the point where you want to become a successful Forex trader but are having trouble with your trading strategies and techniques. When looking for information on the various trading strategies and techniques, it’s a good idea to start by reading some of these training materials.


There are many training products on the market that promise everything from beginner Forex traders to advanced traders. These products are usually quite pricey and are usually made available by private companies. Arcor registration is an online company and therefore there are a lot of resources available. If you find one that has training products that fit your specific needs, they are going to be able to help you train yourself and improve your skills. This is something that cannot be said of most of the other companies.

You may be thinking that if you do not like any of the training materials, that you can simply move onto another company to trade with. The thing to remember is that there is no guarantee that if the products are good, they will work for you. Therefore it is in your best interest to research the training before you buy anything. It would be a lot better to spend a little more money on a training product than to waste your time and money on a company that does not provide you with any training at all. Also check Arcor Log in and FritzBox.


How to Get Free HotStar Premium – Save More on Your HotStar Premium

HotStar premium has been designed for those who want to save their money. If you are really interested on how to get free HotStar premium, then read on. The HotStar freebies will surely help you save more than what you have paid for.

HotStar has some great coupons for its members and users that they can use. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know where to look since there are a lot of coupon sites out there. You can also sign up with the HotStar membership site and receive the coupons through e-mail. This is the best way of getting the coupons since you won’t have to search for them.

If you want to save more on your premium membership, then you must try searching for coupons on the web. There are several sites that offer coupons for various HotStar products such as meals, drinks and some even have coupon codes for gift cards. You will definitely find some coupon sites that offer coupon codes and coupons that you can use in order to save more on your premium membership.

All About The Coupons

With the help of coupons, you will be able to get discounts on your HotStar premium. You will get a lot of benefits when you go shopping in the stores in the area of the HotStar discount. However, the coupons and deals that HotStar gives you cannot be bought with money alone. It requires time and effort in order for you to find the best coupons and offers.

What More?

You will also be able to save more when you search for HotStar coupons online. There are a lot of coupon sites out there but it is best if you spend more time searching for the best HotStar coupons and deals. This way, you will be able to find more coupons and discounts for your premium membership. In fact, most people use coupons on the internet when they are going to shop because it saves them money. Check hotstar apk download 2020 and download psiphon 3.

If you want to save more on your HotStar premium, then you should search for coupons and deals on the Internet. If you know where to look for the coupons and hot deals, you can get the best deals on your membership. Most of the sites will provide you with an option where you can choose from many different coupon codes. There are also sites that give you free coupons and HotStar coupons that are good for the next time you go shopping. so you can save more.


What is a Property Appraiser? – What You Needed To Know

Real estate valuation, land appraisal or real estate valuation is the procedure of developing an accurate assessment of value for any piece of real estate. Real estate purchases often require regular appraisals due to the fact that they occur infrequently with each property is unique and different from all others. Know more about what is a property appraiser.

Factors Influencing The Value Of Property

Many factors can influence the value of property, ranging from the condition of the property itself, to its location, to what other homes are selling for in the area, to how the property was put up for sale in the first place. The appraisal process is a way of ascertaining the true value of a property, determining whether or not it is worth making the purchase.

By performing this evaluation, the appraiser helps determine what the actual market value of the property would be. The appraiser determines this by taking into consideration everything from the neighborhood surrounding the property, to the current value of similar homes in the area, the condition of the structure itself, and its features.

What More?

There are several different types of real estate appraisers, but they all have one thing in common. They are trained to be able to give you accurate appraisals. They are required to be licensed and certified as well. A real estate appraiser who has not gone through the proper training and has not received the proper certification will be unable to properly assess the property being appraised for you. Check columbia county property appraiser.

You should only hire an appraiser that is capable of giving you an accurate value for the property that you want to purchase. You should also make sure that the real estate appraiser you are considering has experience and has been doing this job for a few years now.

You will need to conduct some research before you choose a property appraiser for your needs. There are many places where you can find information about certified appraisers, and these sources can often be found online. You may also be able to ask around in your community about any appraisers that have already taken care of some of your property purchasing needs. C

Take Notes

By asking questions to get the proper qualifications, you can find a professional that is right for you. The process may seem daunting at first, but with time you will soon see how simple it really is!

Once you find a property appraiser that meets your expectations, you will want to be sure that they are certified. This will ensure that you do not have to pay an arm and a leg in attorney fees if you need to take legal action against the appraiser. It will also guarantee that your investment is worth it when you finally make the sale of your home.


Legal Online lottery In India – Know How To Play Legally

If you are looking for a good time to have fun and have a winning lottery jackpot then the legal online lotterysambad in India may be the ticket for you. Am sure that you have enjoyed playing the conventional state lottery in your locality or even know a little about the game. Let us start with the basics;

What exactly is a legal online lottery in India?

As the name suggests, this form of lottery allows you to play different lottery games online without physically being present in front of a lottery machine. The players log on to the lottery portal and the games they wish to play are displayed on the screen. They are also able to win cash prizes as per their selections. The online versions are almost identical, just that it is easier to play and safe – a lot safer than the conventional version.

Now, you might wonder why a legal lottery would be preferred over the traditional version? Well, firstly because you are not required to be present at the location of the lottery booth, which means you have a lot of flexibility to go anywhere you like when playing, you do not have to worry about security issues and secondly, you can win a jackpot as much as you want in the comfort of your own home or office.

Now, if you win one jackpot, you can play them all. If not, you can play them in a predetermined number of jackpot rounds depending on how much you choose to bet. If you win more than one prize, you can play the rest in the same manner. However, you cannot win every prize but you can easily increase the odds by increasing your bet. That is the beauty of the online system. You might also want to know about kerala lottery results 2020.

What More?

If you want to win more than one jackpot, you need to find the best site that has the widest range of prizes to choose from. This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do when playing the game. You need to make sure that the website you have chosen is legal and reliable so that the money won in the game is real and not bogus. Also, ensure that the site that you chose has access to the most of the popular legal games in the market so that you can choose one that has good odds of winning the jackpots.


So, if you are looking to win a large number of jackpot prizes in a legal online lottery in India, then you need to choose a legal online lottery in India that has the widest variety of prizes to choose from. 


How to make own avatar

Having your avatar in League of Legend and creating your own avatar are two different things. The first one is like the usual thing in the game—everyone has their default avatar. However, the second one speaks more of your personality or preference. Thus, if you’re looking for a way on how to create your own avatar, you’re on the right page.

lol avatar

This article will provide you with the easiest and simplest way to make your own icon for LOL. You will not need expertise in terms of editing pictures. All you have to do is follow the steps below to find out how.

Actually, it’s easy to create your own avatar if you have the right tool. So, here’s the guide for you. 

  1. First off, prepare the photo or image that you want to use for your avatar. 
  2. Once you have it ready, click the “Choose File” button from our challenger avatar generator.
  3. After that, a new window will open where you will be asked to upload your image. Locate your file and click on it. 
  4. Upon clicking, your image will then be uploaded to the site. Wait for a few seconds until the loading is finished. 
  5. Now, on the Edit window, customize your avatar—adjusting the size and the zooming effect of your photo.
  6. Click on the “Crop and Upload Image” button. 
  7. Once you’re done, enter the “Skin name” of your avatar. Likewise, you may add the nickname of your own icon. Just fill-up the field beside the “Nick Name” phrase.
  8. Finally, hit the “Make Avatar” button to process your image. 

You may want to check on the recent Dekaron OBT Events

To use your avatar in LOL, simply click the download button to import it to your computer. Then, upload the picture to your gameplay. 

How to make own avatar in lol

Having your avatar in League of Legend and creating your own avatar are two different things. The first one is like the usual thing in the game—everyone has their default avatar. However, the second one speaks more of your personality or preference. Thus, if you’re looking for a way on how to create your own avatar, you’re on the right page. This article will provide you with the easiest and simplest way to make your own icon for LOL. You will not need expertise in terms of editing pictures. All you have to do is follow the steps below to find out how.

How to make own avatar 

Actually, it’s easy to create your own avatar if you have the right tool. So, here’s the guide for you. 

  1. First off, prepare the photo or image that you want to use for your avatar. 
  2. Once you have it ready, click the “Choose File” button from our challenger avatar generator.
  3. After that, a new window will open where you will be asked to upload your image. Locate your file and click on it. 
  4. Upon clicking, your image will then be uploaded to the site. Wait for a few seconds until the loading is finished. 
  5. Now, on the Edit window, customize your avatar—adjusting the size and the zooming effect of your photo.
  6. Click on the “Crop and Upload Image” button. 
  7. Once you’re done, enter the “Skin name” of your avatar. Likewise, you may add the nickname of your own icon. Just fill up the field beside the “Nick Name” phrase.
  8. Finally, hit the “Make Avatar” button to process your image. 

To use your avatar in LOL, simply click the download button to import it to your computer. Then, upload the picture on your gameplay.